Don Ayalas Restaurant, a family owned corporation located at 6104 Rollins Rd, by Pecan Plantation front gate was established in 1986. Even though we had no experience in the food service business, we had a dream of operating a restaurant serving Mexican food.
After contacting several financial institutions for loans and being rejected, the construction of the building was begun in 1985. With only enough finances for building the shell, remaining construction was done by family members.
Throughout the process, the dream was kept alive with the belief that if you serve food prepared fresh daily and serviced it with courtesy, we could have a successful operation. To accomplish this goal, we purchase products of the highest quality.
Having been hourly employees all our lives, we knew that a business is only as good as the personnel providing the product. We needed a stable work force and we have one due to creating an environment where everyone is respected and valued.  Our kitchen staff includes personnel with over 18 years of employment at Don Ayalas. This promotes consistency in our preparation of meals. All personnel are trained in proper food handling procedures starting from delivery of goods thru preparation and serving.
But most of all we are PROUD of services we provide. Don Ayalas has servers with equal years of experience catering to our customers. Courteous, prompt, and professional service is a tradition that will not be compromised at Don Ayalas Restaurants.
We decided to bring this type of service to the Square.  In 2005, El Señor Ayala Cafe was opened.
Like many small operations we have been negatively impacted by the recession. However we are not calling it quits. We feel that by uniting and promoting our services as a Granbury experience we can all benefit.
It is easy to promote ourselves but I prefer that our customers do it via word-of mouth.
Simon Ramos
Co-Founder / President